Emetophobia Treatment Fear of Vomiting

Emetophobia Overcome The Fear of Vomiting

Nobody enjoys being nauseous, mainly in public. infection is a private affair. but if you have a fear of throwing up in public or in personal, to the point that it causes you to behave irrationally – then you could have emetophobia or the fear of vomiting.

Emetophobia is the 7th most common types of phobia. It can have extreme results for those that suffer from this illness. You’ll be so terrified of vomiting which you may not consume or you won’t exit in public. The idea of catching a stomach virus might also throw you into a panic. Just seeing vomit or the sounds of a person retching makes you want to run away, a ways away.

What Is Emetophobia?

Emetophobia has been diagnosed through extensive research as a form of anxiety sickness, which can be a serious disease. It can reason panic attacks. This phobia can make it’s victims crave social isolation, and can often consume your daily life.

Attempting to deal with this phobia, the sufferer may avoid going out in public and avoid eating. Some women dealing with emetophobia will refuse to get pregnant as they are terrified of morning sickness. People with severe emetophobia will even attempt to avoid hospitals and those who possibly could be sick. Just the simple thought of having any nausea will put them in total fear.

Extreme Symptoms of Emetophobia

Many that are afflicted by emetophobia have been know to also suffer from anorexia or self-starvation. In these cases, the subject will stop at nothing to prevent themselves from vomiting, even completely stop eating.

The idea is, if do not not eat, there is no way that you may vomit or get ill. This can backfire because ingesting food, after depriving oneself can often make the emetophobic character feel nauseous. This causes their anxiety and fear to multiply.

Who Can Suffer From Eemetophobia?

Research indicates that six percentage of the U.S. populace claims to worry about getting sick, however a far smaller quantity really suffer from emetophobia, as indicated with the aid of a ramification of phobic conduct. Nonetheless, emetophobia is one of the top 10 most common phobia types.

Treatment for Emetophobia

While the exact cause of Emetophobia is unknown, the most common conclution is that it’s most likely is the result of a stressful incident of vomiting during childhood.

Discussion therapy, hypnotherapy, anxiety therapy and even anti-anxiety medication have all been somewhat successful in emotophobia treatment. Some have shown quick progress with these methods. It is not uncommon for many to take several weeks to find relief and never be completely cured of their phobia.

While throwing up and puking is often the subject of jokes, but the truth is, the fear of vomiting is a real illness. It stops many from dinning out, socializing, having relationships, getting pregnant and even holding a job. For these people, it is nowhere near funny. The anxiety and fear that accompanies emetophobia for victims often ruins their day, everyday.

If you suffer from emetophobia, you aren’t alone. The best new is, there is help.

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